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You’re Guaranteed the Best When You Partner with Centurion Anesthesia

The Anesthesiologists and support staff of Centurion Anesthesia are committed to providing exceptional in-office anesthesia services to our ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and medical office partners. As a full-service anesthesia provider, we come with the equipment, medications, and expertise needed for each procedure and ensure the complete comfort of your patients from pre-operation consultation to post-operation discharge. Whether serving our partners as full-time anesthesia providers or on an as-needed basis, we guarantee the highest levels of professionalism and patient care.     


We’re always looking for experienced anesthesiologists who would like to work with a professional team devoted to providing outstanding anesthesia services to ASCs and local private practices


Centurion Anesthesia provides full-time and on-demand anesthesia services and staff to ambulatory surgery centers and local private medical and dental practices in the Greater New York City area and beyond.


If you’re a patient facing an impending surgery or other procedure requiring anesthesia, you likely have questions. Anesthesia is safe and our team will ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.